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A website about design solutions for small businesses.

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Design solutions for the small business

This Web site about design solutions aims at informing users about all the possibilities for optimizing corporate performance through design, an amazingly comprehensive tool. Our goal is to advise you about how to improve the way you plan an advertising development that results in better sales and greater prestige for your company, focusing on the main and fundamental topics as regards graphic design. The company’s visual image is the most important aspect as regards its relationship with consumers. That is why a good design plan will provide great benefits for your company and will place you in a better position within the current competitive market. The visual elements that identify your company are the key features that will allow you to stand out amidst the huge mass of companies, competing against each other. Besides, not only will these elements make you company stand out from the rest, but also they will provide you with a self-identity you will achieve by stating its characteristic values and not by comparison. The comprehensive development of the corporate identity’s different graphic-visual components will strengthen your company in an interesting cost-effective way. In fact, improving the graphic elements that shape your corporate image is not expensive, especially if we consider the great profits this improvement will bring. This Web site is a kind of basic design guide applied to business: a group of specific pieces of advice about every aspect of design and a conclusion that combines them all.

In the different sections of this Web site about design solutions, you will find information and advice, which will help you develop one of the main design components applied to business. Each section deals with a specific topic, in a specific way, and the final general conclusion explains the best way to combine them all. The fist topic is Design; by reading it, you will learn the basic concepts about this subject and you will understand the subsequent contents better. In Logo Design we will focus on the features and use of a fundamental corporate identity. In Web Design we will explain what a well-done Web site development is, and how it works as your company’s main communication channel with your potential clients. Brochures Design is a section devoted to a company’s advertising printing needs ?trifolds, advertising leaflets, and projects presentation folders. You will find all the necessary information to compile a catalogue in a proper and attractive way in Catalogue Design. In Email Templates Design we will show the general features and specific use of this advertising tool, which is effective as well as unknown. As a conclusion, and combining all this information, in Corporate Identity Design we will explain the right way to combine the elements already mentioned in the previous sections in an effective, efficient and organized way in order to achieve positive results. As an appendix, section Client-Designer Relationship includes useful information that will help you to work in a nice and efficient way together with the designer or designer team you hire.

The "Design Solutions for the Small Business" team would like to thank you for choosing our website, so that we can assist you as regards your company’s growth. We hope the information provided here be useful to you. Welcome to this integral design Web site applied to business.

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