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Web design operates on a completely different aspect of business-applied design. Web sites not only need a good esthetic design, but they also have to be well-programmed and efficient as regards its main feature: intercommunication. In this section we will explain these three essential characteristics of Web design.

Esthetics: First, a Web site’s esthetic importance is based on its concordance to the corporate Logo’s criterion as regards design. The corporate visual identity coherence lies in all designs sharing one criterion as regards typography, color, texture ?the message to be visually communicated. If the site you ask for has this kind of concordance with the rest of the designs, then we can move on to the next step. The esthetic beauty is very important on a Web site, since it becomes the company’s «headquarters»: as people do not know the building where the company is located, the Internet site is the reference to «place» your company. Thus, the site’s esthetic care is the same you would have on your office decoration for customer service. Leaving beauty aside, the site’s esthetics should interest the visitors. Someone visiting your Web site for the first time should feel attracted to it, see something different and feel that visiting another site is not the same. This is essential as regards the Internet, as it is very easy to go from one company to another by just clicking.

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Programming: Strictly speaking, the design the designer creates and that you approve or refuse is not what the visitors see when surfing your site. Programming a site lies in translating the images the designer created into a code all computers on Earth can read in the same way, so that everybody can see the same you see. Most programmers use HTML programming language. Thanks to this language, computers transform an alphanumeric code back to images, exactly as the designer created them. The poor programming of a site will result in it not to work properly, or it will not be seen as it should. That is why it is so important to appreciate both the designer’s and the programmer’s work.

Intercommunication: The difference between Web design and the other branches of design is that the former creates elements with a unique distinctive function. Your Web site is the only design element with corporate identity that enables double communication. All design elements communicate a message from the company to the consumers and this is the only way they transmit the information. Web sites make relationship with visitors possible, as they can buy products in it, ask questions, find out about specific issues and differentiate between relevant and non-relevant information without any need to surf the whole site. Thanks to its Web site, a company can achieve fluent communications with its costumers and potential costumers making of this design element something unique. As we have mentioned before, due to the huge number of firms in the market, people no longer recognize companies by their buildings and may be they will locate them thanks to the companies’ Web sites.

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