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As far as business-applied design is concerned, Logo design is the most important design. The Logo is a combination of the icon and the typography that communicates a corporate message. A Logo is a unique symbol and states some of the company’s most important features, just as the signature is also unique and states the businessman’s characteristics. This element is essential for all companies. Moreover, a company without a Logo cannot be conceived. In order to show its importance, we will revise its three main functions: advertising, guarantor and cognitive.

Advertising: The corporate Logo has a main role as regards company advertisement. A proper design will make of your Logo an element that communicates a strong and clear message of the company’s positive values, goals, objectives, and ideas. Through the image, typography, verbal message, colors, textures, shapes and sizes used, the Logo becomes the company’s central item to compete in the market and in the ad area. The Logo is a continuous ad campaign, an element that persuasively invites the recipient, as soon as he sees it, to purchase the product that contains the image.

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Guarantor: As we previously mentioned, the Logo is like the company’s signature. That signature guarantees that 1) the product has been produced by that company, and 2) the company supports the product and guarantees its quality. That can be easily verified. Would you buy a product if it does not have the producer company’s Logo on it? Of course nobody would, because that means no one is responsible for it, and it denotes it is not a high-quality product.

Cognitive: The excessive growth of the market and the proliferation of new companies have made of these abstract concepts. Companies are no longer recognized just by looking at their building, their personnel or their owners. Through time, companies started to become known thanks to the only element that connects them to their public: their corporate Logo. The Logo is what consumers can hold on to when thinking of the company, and it also corroborates that the company exists.

A Logo is made of an icon and typography, and aims at communicating a message from the company to the consumers. Depending on the company, the message will have certain communicative features. If the Logo highlights the figurative aspect of what is being communicated the image will be more important than the typography. On the other hand, if it highlights the literal aspect the words will be the important thing. If the company seeks a balance, both components will be of the same importance. According to the way the graphic components of the Logo are articulated, it has different names. Logotype is a Logo with exclusive typography and does not use an icon. Isotype is the opposite; it has no typography, but just an icon. Isologotype is a combination of both; it has an icon and typography, and it is used to balance the figurative and literal aspects with their respective advertising functions.

We also have to bear in mind Logo’s sales nature. A Logo increases sales because it guarantees the product’s quality, but sometimes it stops being a plus and becomes a consumer desire per se. Logos with a good esthetic and a good message create a need in the consumers to have them, and to become infected with that success the Logo’s company enjoys. For instance, it is common to see people wearing shirts with large important brand Logos (such as Nike) knowing that the shirt they are wearing has not been produced by the Logo’s company. That is the Logo’s function as a seller: it generates sales as a desire object, and not encouraging the purchase of certain product. Evidently, this does not happen with all Logos, but just to a few; in order to make this happen, a great development of the Logo design is essential.

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