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Design is the discipline in charge of communicating messages in an efficient, esthetically nice and novel way. It is a creative process that aims at creating new pillars for the transmission of meaning. This workspace does not invent meanings but communicates them in a way that has not been explored yet, an attractive way for the recipients of the transmitted message.

From another point of view, design is the applied skill to solve problems: the designer must be able to achieve the goal the client needs, with the tools he has and with no chance of repeating the already used method. He has to use certain tools in a novel and interesting way. This exception is not superfluous: many people think they are designing when they communicate a certain message in a novel way by mixing designs of a huge number of elements. This design «method» cannot be included in the «design» category, as it is not of attractive and efficient nature; it does transmit the desired message, but in a chaotic and little attractive way. It represents a real waste of time.

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However, design is not only about creating nice stuff ?practical and useful things must be done. For instance, a good design of a Web site is not about making of it an exclusively attractive visual thing: if the designer does not place the verbal content (i.e. text) in a good, clear and legible place, the result is not a good design, as it is not efficient. If the design is great from a graphic point of view, but it is not an easy one to se used, it does not achieve its main goal. In order to thoroughly understand this concept, we can think of industrial design: industrial designers are not in charge of producing nice machines. They have to make them as small as they can, meeting the necessary requirements so that they could be as efficient as possible from an operational point of view.

Design is a discipline that is divided into several branches, such as graphic, Web, editorial, industrial, textile, fashion, interior design, etc. The proper combination of these branches makes any project successful, as long as we bear in mind that design does not include everything and in order to achieve other kinds of work, we have to hire other type of professionals. As far as this Web site is concerned, the combination of the different design elements shown here will make you company exponentially grow, building a strong advertising pillar. Through the different uses of design we present, you will find the best way to launch an extraordinary ad campaign according to your needs.

Design is the tool that companies use to properly introduce themselves to their clients.. However, as every tool, just using it does not guarantee a positive result: we have to know how to use it in order to achieve what we are looking for. That is the reason why we present a variety of business-applied design possibilities and we explain them in detail so that you can choose the best for your company. We recommend using as many advertising resources as possible, whenever they can be achieved in a satisfying way. That means that using all the design possibilities but not exploiting them at their most is not a good idea. The best option is to use those which we can benefit from and can be advantageously used, as regards both monetary cost and practical application.

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