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Email templates are preset designs in which you can enter text or images. This email format has a great advertising advantage, as it makes targeted campaigns possible. Targeted campaigns consist of choosing an exclusive target group with special characteristics such as being old customers, workers of certain community, people of certain age, etc.

Email templates replace and improve traditional emails with plain text. «Plain text» means continuous text with no format and no images. Adding different typographies, images, colors, textures, representative elements such as the corporate Logo and, of course, the designer’s help will make of your email templates a great way to send virtual mails.

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Email templates are also known as HTML email templates because after they are designed, they are converted into HTML language so that all computers can read it the same way. That code ensures that the design you chose to represent your company is exactly the same users see in the emails your company sends to them.

It is worth mentioning that email templates are not attached files to the conventional emails. When the recipient opens an email, he sees the design you sent to him, without opening or downloading any file. The template appears when he opens your email and that is attractive and novel.

In order to send these templates, all you need is some email program such as Outlook or Outlook Express, for instance, and in order to receive them, you do not need any particular program: any Web mail can receive these templates as well as any other type of email.

One of the most important advantages of email templates is that its content can be modified. You buy a template and then you can add or remove text as many times as you wish. The same happens with images, even though in these cases it is advisable you hire a designer. Loading two or three template designs is a good idea, so that you can regularly change them. Each design can aim at different tasks ¾one can be a small catalog, other a letter with the recipients’ picture and the other one an invitation to events, which can be printed and sent to the customers.

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