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The corporate identity is shaped from a group of design elements that share one criterion. That criterion is what promotes a company’s image. The parameters of the corporate identity elements are based on the corporate Logo. This element is created from ideas and then the rest of the elements as regards graphic shape follow it.

All the elements that model a company’s identity try to be attractive to a certain target of people and communicate a positive message that the firm chooses to be represented by. In order to properly forge a corporate identity, the maintenance of a solid criterion is essential, through the different designs that form it. If designs are contradictory or incoherent, the company’s identity is not shaped and all the efforts result in a waste of time and money.

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The corporate identity design is so important that some studies have shown that many times people remembered the combination of colors in a company’s different designs and not its corporate Logo. That is why we should be very careful when maintaining the parameters for designers. However, we should bear in mind that each type of design has distinctive features and a strict criterion should not slow down the process of these distinctive features. If this happens, the result would be terrible. It is advisable to achieve certain balance between the parameters that communicate a unique message ?being always the same? and the variations needed by all designs in order to be set as such.

Corporate identity is what makes of a company something more than just a machine that produces objects or services: it gives the company personality, values, projects and goals. Thus, people feel more comfortable when establishing a relationship with more «human» companies and they like those which they can identify with. In order to achieve this, it is advisable that you hire experts in market research and marketing, so that they can develop a corporate identity plan. These experts will provide you with ideas and values consumers feel more comfortable with, and you will be able to decide which one/s you want to take on. The following step is to communicate these ideas to the designer so that he can transform them into graphic-visual elements with the tools he has.

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