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Client-designer relationship should be considered and taken care of, so that it results in positive outcomes. First, you should bear in mind that the designer’s task is to transform ideas, concepts and proposals into graphic elements, and he does not create these ideas. The client is the responsible one for the creation of ideas he wants to see reflected in his design and he also must be as clear and precise as possible when communicating these ideas to the designer. Designers cannot work from a vague proposal of what the client wants, and designers should tell the clients they have to be precise. As we are dealing with abstract things, the effort to be precise should be great.

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The designer, after having collected the client’s ideas, will produce a draft of what he has in mind. If the client agrees with it, the designer will make it more complex, and if the client rejects it, he will make another draft. If they have a good relationship, all efforts will result in positive outcomes. It is very important that they do not mix their roles. The designer should not expect that the client tells him exactly what he wants, because he is not qualified to do so. He can only express his ideas as clear as possible. On the other hand, the client cannot design because that is the designer’s task and because that will not lead to a positive result. You should bear in mind why you hired a designer and you should not step in his job. Sometimes the designer acts proudly and underestimates the client’s view. If this happens, you should clarify which are the client’s and the designer’s tasks. Sometimes, the client is not just one person, but a group of people. If this happens to you, you should ask the group to choose one person who will be in contact with the designer, because otherwise, the designer will hear different points of view. That is why you should choose one person who will directly talk to the designer. This person will listen to the group’s proposals and will reach a conclusion, in order to communicate one or two clear plans to the designer and not a list of endless personal suggestions.

A good design is the result of the designer’s expertise and ability, the client’s clear, precise and original ideas, and the relationship between both of them. If that relationship is not good, the work will not be as well. That is why you should pay attention and have a good relationship between both parties; that will provide you with a high-quality result.

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