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Brochures include all kinds of advertising printing needs a company has. Trifolds, envelopes, flyers, projects presentation folders ?companies’ brochures have great advertising power, which can be demonstrated by its long path in the market. Printing needs have two main features: immediacy and materiality.

The immediacy we are talking about is the «approach» effect the brochure has on the recipients. Brochures appear before recipients every now and then: they are handed out on the streets or shown everywhere. The shock effect printing needs produce is important. However, immediacy becomes persistence, keeping its benefit. What do we mean by this? Immediacy and shock in brochures are a great ad feature, but ephemeral by definition. Brochures do not lose power when the surprise effect is over, because people tend to keep well-designed leaflets. These printing needs are kept and every now and then people look at them, reminding them of the interest they once had in it. Thus, brochures are kept in your potential clients’ homes and offices reminding them they are interested in those leaflets. This «entering-the-client’s-home» feature is a unique characteristic of brochures and should be taken into account by those who want to launch an ad campaign.

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Brochures’ materiality is another distinctive feature. Designs use graphic-visual resources in order to catch the consumers’ attention and encourage them to purchase certain product or service. Brochures, without undervaluating what has been said before, encourage people through tactile impulses. The type of paper used for certain brochure will communicate a subconscious message to the recipient, an association beyond conscience. Hard and rough materials will refer to strength, durability and masculinity, whereas soft and smooth materials will be related to delicacy, accuracy and femininity.

Another important feature about brochures’ materiality is that you have to hold them in your hands in order to watch them. This need has an interesting effect on the recipients’ minds, because that brochure represents a company and they are holding it «in their hands»; they are keeping a direct contact with the company. This generates a sense of intimacy, of familiarity, of closeness and liking with the one sending the message and those who are receiving and «holding» it.

The combination of visual shock, tactile perception, keeping the brochure and holding it in your hands produces a great advertising effect in the market. Even though we know brochures are not an innovative technique in advertising, they are always welcome and improve any company’s image. As a complement to other business-applied design techniques, brochures should always be taken into account and should not be underestimated.

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